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BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe Review

Barska Mini biometric safe is the most compact, convenient, and outstanding safe deposit box in the market. Its ideal form is highly characterized by sophisticated high technology in the safe security industry. Even though it is smaller in size compared to other safes of similar value in the market, it is supported massively through its sophisticated biometric fingerprint technology. In addition to these, it has gained a phenomenal amount of praise in its efficiency, convenience, and reliability from our clients.

However, when it comes to choosing an ideal gun safe in the market, it turns out to be an enormous and tedious task of finding one that suits your needs. At Barska, we appreciate our customers for giving them true, precise, and resourceful information on each of our products. So in the Barska Mini Biometric Safe review, we will provide you with the excellent features and benefits of getting this product.

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

Features of the BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe, that you should know:

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Compact biometric fingerprint safe

Barska Mini biometric safe is the most audacious safe ever made by the company. It is a small biometric safe that features the use of the most sophisticated technological innovation in the modern world. Its biometric fingerprint technology has made this safe gain phenomenal and fanatical support.

In addition to these the fingerprint pad of this safe offers you a unique distinct but easily identifiable and usable pad with the most secure access mechanism. Besides opening the safe only requires a single touch of your finger. This implies that opening the safe in case of emergency is speedy and marvelous. You will have ample time to hold your gun in a fast and timely manner to protect your family without taking much time. However, if you have any problem with your biometric access, you have an additional backup key and a manual with troubleshooting instructions and steps.

Small and compact size

Barska mini biometric safe is the smallest but sophisticated personal gun safe from the giant safe manufacturer. The safe’s small size boasts of advanced features that are not available anywhere else in the market from similar safes of the same size.

Moreover, this model from Barska only weighs 12lbs thus making it one of the lightweight safes in the market. This feature amazes most of our clients due to its portability and storage space occupied by the safe. Besides, they can easily carry it along with them with barely one hand. However, with the mounting design in mind by the manufacturer, its base allows you to install it in a wide variety of locations at your residence. Therefore, there are no more worries about the mounting location of this safety device.

Pre-drilled holes

The unique design of this biometric safe is accorded with useful advanced features for easy installation. This safe comes with pre-drilled holes thus making it easier for you to install it. Further, the location of the pre-drilled holes is strategic in that you can mount it to a shelf, floor, or even a countertop with ease. All you need to do is to take precise and accurate measurements of the pre-drilled holes and drill them correctly onto the mounting surface.

Therefore, you can use a long screw to tighten the screws on the surface that you are mounting the safe. Besides, the design of this safe ensures that once you shut the door of the safe, removing the safe from the mounting area is a daunting task. You must open the door fast for you to remove the screws thus adding an extra level of safety from theft to the safe.

30 different fingerprints

The biometrics scanning technology of this safe makes use of the latest second-generation fingerprint technology. It easily records an entire print that is placed onto the surface of the fingerprint reader instead of the ordinary swiping method. This implies that you are guaranteed greater reliability and convenience. Besides, it has a massive memory capacity of storing up to 30 different fingerprints. It is an immersive achievement compared to other safes from other manufacturers.

The higher capacity of fingerprint storage implies that you can more fingerprint angles. This increases your reliability more especially when it comes to opening the safe. However, in case you need to add some of your family members to access the items in the safe, then this is the best safe for you as it can accommodate up to 30 different fingerprints. It has enough memory capacity to accommodate that.

Heavy Steel gauge and deadbolt locking system

Further, the security features of this biometric safe are advanced by a robust, constructive function. Apart from using sophisticated fingerprint technology, this device is furthered by a steel heavy gauge. The valuable feature of the body boasts of a 1/16″ thickness on the body and 3/16″ thickness on the floor. Besides these ardent features, the doors of this Barska Mini biometric safe are secured by two deadbolts made of solid steel.

This mechanism helps in protecting the safe from any piercing mechanism since they are hard to bend from their current position. Moreover, it is additional merit to the safe as many safes in the market make use of a spring mechanism to open the door. On this safe, all you need is to place your finger and the door opens up fast.

Storage Capacity

As the title implies, this Barska mini biometric safe has a smaller size. Despite this, it has a capacity of accommodating up to two pistols. However, this will depend on the size and caliber of the firearms that you want to store in the safe. Therefore, before purchasing one, check on the size of your revolver’s cylinder and assess whether the safe can hold more than one gun.

Backup Entry

Many of the biometric safes in the modern world make use of AA batteries. It is the most reliable system that is available in the market, however, in a case where the batteries run out without prior replacement, you may find it difficult to access your safe. Barska mini biometric safe took advantage of this demerit from many manufacturers and built a backup system to use in case you are locked out. It is yet another advantage for this small biometric safe that you can enjoy and access your safe at any particular time.

What We Liked

  • It has a small and compact model.
  • This is lightweight.
  • Come with a large storage memory capable of storing up to 30 different fingerprints.
  • Pry-resistant.
  • It is made of steel heavy gauge for increased security.
  • A large storage capacity.
  • Backup key entry system.
  • It has a near-silent operation.
  • It is easy to program and install.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Its lightweight can be a blessing or even a curse if you don’t mount it properly.
  • It takes longer to open the safe when using a fingerprint reader.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does this safe use solenoids or motors for the locking device

Answer: Not sure, but It makes no difference as it recognizes my fingerprint only about 20% of the time. This unreliable flaw renders it simply unsafe in an emergency, so I have defaulted to using a key. Should have returned it. My bad.

Question: Will this gun safe hold a Ruger sl45?

Answer: Yes, and some, hold my Glock 19, and there’s still some room. It’s a nice safe.

Final Verdict

The Barska mini biometric safe is the smallest but most compact and secure safe from Barska. It is small, lightweight, and pry-resistant. The safe has a large storage capacity to accommodate up to 2 pistols and other valuable items. Also, it has a higher reliability index coupled with versatile security features. This makes the safe dependable with its remarkable and outstanding features. I believe that this Barska Mini Biometric safe review has nourished you with resourceful information to help you in purchasing one of these products.

Further, the information contained in this Barska Mini Biometric Safe review focuses on critical areas of concern by many of our clients. However, in the case of any question or more information that is not available in this Barska Mini Biometric Safe review, don’t hesitate to call us or email us.

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