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BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

The review will help you to make the right decision on whether you can purchase BARSKA QUICK ACCESS BIOMETRIC RIFLE or not. I Don’t like to engage you with lengthy unwanted descriptions. So, let me introduce you to this biometric rifle safe. First of all, I would like to say one thing about the biometric rifle safe is that it is a wonderful product offered by BARSKA. I will recommend it since it has a lot of amazing features and benefits. The rifle safe has all the most wanted features such as a fingerprint reader, large capacity and ultra-safe locking system, etc. Scroll down to find more and know why I did recommend it..

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Features of the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe, that you should know :

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Biometric Technology

The name itself will give you a good impression of the BARSKA biometric rifle. I hope you know the power of biometric technology. If not let me explain to you. Biometric Technology is the technology that is mainly used to identify and control unwanted access or to identifying persons who are under surveillance. The premise of technology authentication is that each person is unique and can be easily identified by his/her behavioral traits. So, by using biometric technology, one can avoid unwanted access to your rifle and the owner can use the rifle effortlessly and easily.

Large Capacity

If you spend more money on a particular thing, you probably look for versatile features as well as additional features. You will not be disappointed in this case, as BARSKA provided really large storage for your rifle safe. You can easily store up to three to four rifles inside the safe. Is it enough? no, that is why there is an additional space to store all your important documents and other files. The tall safe can store up to 3 rifles securely. it also includes a removable storage shelf for your guns and ammo. So, you will not face any space problem at all.

Large Fingerprint Storage

If you would like to give access to the safe for your big group of friends/relatives, BARSKA is an absolute option for you. It is capable of storing as high as 120 unique fingerprints. So, you have enough storage to keep all your friend’s fingerprints. By this method, all the fingerprints can be separately stored. The fingerprints can never be hacked or stolen. It uses very strong security to protect and show you the original fingerprints for each one. The system allows you to register your fingerprints in seconds.

Emergency Battery Backup

The external battery backup will be very useful when you have no batteries installed or no battery power in the safe. The life of batteries provided by the manufacturer is one year. In between that time, it may fail to work sometimes, in that case, this battery backup will help you to open the door securely. The manufacture also provides you additional two backup keys to open the safe in case you face a problem with opening and fingerprint.

Fast & Secure 3 Point Locking System

The safe body is coated with 2mm steel and hence your rifle can’t be easily stolen by just breaking the safe. The safe lock is working by using a 3 point deadlocking system. It works very fast and ensures security too. By using the deadlocking system, you can open the door in just 4 seconds.

Beep To Inform Intruders & Other Safety Features

When you open the door of the safe, the beep sound will start to blow. It is to inform the owner that the lock is open and you don’t need to check it if you have fear. If you don’t like the beep, just turn off by putting the mode in stealth. It is well known that the safe has a splendid look. But, the look alone can’t give you a long life for the product. We must ensure that the safety features are incorporated. BARSKA has spent a lot of time on this case and supplied 4 pre-drilled mounting holes to keep the safe securely on the floor and wall.

What We Liked

  • The quickly accessible rifle is safe.
  • Firearms can be easily accessed even in dark without any key.
  • It can be modified to work silently.
  • The product is sold by worldwide popular and a top brand in the USA called BARSKA.
  • Affordable Price for the large safe.
  • Beep to inform intruders, so no need to watch the safe carefully.
  • Secure deadlocking system.
  • Attractive black finishing.
  • Biometric technology for blocking unwanted access and flawless working.
  • The very high number of fingerprint records.

What We Didn’t Like

  • On the product page, it is said that the safe can store up to four rifles. But, if you want to keep it free you can store only three rifles.
  • It is not long enough to place lengthy rifles.
  • No fireproof and waterproof.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Can I place it horizontally?

A: Yes you can. But, it is hard to open and close both the outdoor and indoor.

Q: Is it made in the USA?

A: No. It is made in Asia. But, you will not face any problem as the product is well designed and manufactured

Q: I need additional shelves along with it. Can I?

A: Yes. It is very easy to get additional shelves. Just visit BARSKA official site

Q: Can I use a carpet inside the safe?

A: You can use it by buying carpet externally. Use it by cutting the carpet into small sizes equivalent to the walls of the safe. It is easy to use and clean carpet in safe.

Q: Is it capable to hold large rifles?

A: You can’t place rifles that are too large. But. it is easy to place medium rifles.

Final Verdict

The BARSKA biometric rifle will keep all your firearms safely from intruders and children. This is an inexpensive and most useful rifle safe. This safe has some cons too. But, they are negligible, if you use it carefully to store your limited number of firearms of medium length. The finishing also is very nice. Fingerprint works very well. You can mount it on either wall or floor and it can be used easily and securely. Hence, I would suggest this to everyone who needs a stylish, highly secured, and portable rifle box. So, arrive at the amazon store and receive original products at an affordable price and get discounts for great purchases. Use carefully and have a long life for the product.

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