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Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock Review

If a gun or a few that you keep in your home you know the importance of storing these dangerous possessions in a reliable safe. This would keep them out of the children’s reach if you have any, and prevent the unauthorized access of your self-defense weapon. Even so, locking your gun up such that it isn’t easily accessible when you need it most can be a bad mistake. Is this being the case, which one would you consider the ideal gun safe for your pistols and handguns? Well, one of the most popular safe for handguns today that provides these desired qualities is none other than the Bulldog GV2000.

This one is manufactured by a popular brand dealing with high-quality Key Locks with advanced modern technological features for maximum performance and reliability. Below is our Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock Review for your perusal and easier decision making.

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock

Features of the Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, that you should know :

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Sturdy Construction – 16 Gauge Steel Housing

There are different types of safes, each providing its amount of firearm safety and security. The exterior construction design, lock mechanism, and material are what cut the difference between high and low security. For the Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, its sturdy construction with 16 Gauge Steel Housing offers maximum protection from damage or theft. Its boxlike design also allows the convenience of mounting it on surfaces in any direction as you please. Not only that, the fittings are designed such that it’s extremely hard for a thief to try a fast one on your gun using ordinary hand tools.

Small, With Impressive Capacity

Unlike other variants of gun safes, the Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock is small in size and has a sleek. These are meant to offer the maximum convenience of space-saving. However, the safe is unique in that it has an impressive capacity, with the ability to hold from 2 to 4 handguns depending on their sizes. It also has an extra removable interior shelf to offer even more assorted capacity.

The slim dimensions make it ideal for placement in places such as under the bed, in nightstand drawers, and other tight spaces. It is approximately 9.7 pounds in product weight, making it also conveniently portable.

Damage Protection Padding — Interior space

The material used in the construction of the interior surface of a safe also matters as far as the condition of your valuables or guns is concerned. It can be quite daunting to keep away your firearm inside a safe that you consider ideal only to find that it has suffered rusts and dents after a certain duration of time Well. This amazing piece of technology we call the modern safe is designed to keep your valuables in top condition. The interior surface is lined with soft foam padding to protect your valuables from the various forms of damage that are likely to occur.

Quick Access Lighting and Audio Feedback

One of the most important factors to look at when buying a gun safe is its ease of operation and access to your firearm when you need it quick. For the Bulldog GV2000, this is enabled by the quick access No-Eyes keypad and that is well lit to provide the convenience of operation even in the dark as well as the spring-assisted door opening. The safe is also equipped with an audio feedback mechanism to provide confirmation when correct keys are entered. However, the owner also has the convenience of shutting the audio feedback down to operate the device in silent mode if need be for added security.

Programmable Security Keypad

Having a firearm in your home or commercial setting you need a safe that is highly out of reach from unauthorized access. Its locking mechanism determines this to avoid theft and ensure safety. The Bulldog GV2000 comes equipped with a programmable high-security keypad with a dozen millions of combination access code possibilities to keep your valuables and firearm secure. The keypad shuts down with the help of a built-in computer program to block all access as a safety precaution. According to the manufacturer, the safe satisfies the firearm safety standards from the department of justice, California. It feels good to know that your gun is safe and secure in a tamperproof safe. It gives you the same security level as provided in Electronic Lock safe.

Battery Powered and Comes with Extra Override Key

The firearm safe industry has seen some amazing advancements, one of them being the rise of battery-powered gun safes. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what would happen in case you needed to quickly access your gun from the safe. Only to find that the small Key Lock won’t open due to a low or dead battery? The least could be a situation where your safety and security get compromised. Apart from the fact that it is battery-powered, the Bulldog Cases Car Safe also comes with a spare or security override key. Which is the same one used when the keypad gets blocked from repeated wrong key entries.

What We Liked

  • High-end gun security and safety.
  • A programmable keypad makes it hard to guess combinations.
  • Allows quick and easy access.
  • Easy operation, light, and portable.
  • More storage capacity as compared to most other variants.
  • Can’t be broken into using hand tools.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Comes with a security override key.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for large-frame revolvers and bigger guns.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 6 x 2.5 inches.
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 3.6 pounds.
  • Item model number: BD1100.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: What do I do when the battery dies and I want to open the safe?

A: Unlike the other versions, the Bulldog Cases Car Safe comes with a security override key. You should be able to quickly access your firearm using this key if you have it placed in a convenient location.

Q: How do I change combinations when they revert to default?

A: changing combinations can be done from the reset button. It exists at the topmost part of the device. To reset – Hold it down for a few seconds until the light indicates green, release and enter your new preferred code. Repeat the procedure until the light goes red and re-enter the new code. Then repeat for a third time until the light gives you five blinks.

Final Verdict

As far as keeping your gun securely away from the reach of children and protecting it from theft are concerned, the Bulldog Cases Car Safe is one extraordinary piece of equipment. Furthermore, it allows you the convenience of quickly accessing your firearm whenever you need to the fact that it has an auto-detect and shut down keypad mechanism makes it a unique investment for any gun owner who values their investment.

It also offers more than just protection from children and thieves, but also other forms of damage to your valuables. Its adorable capacity and small size provide added performance convenience. To spare you a great deal of daunting research and comparisons online. This product can be recommendable for handgun owners and won’t disappoint, not unless you own those big guns.

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