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First Alert 2013F Fire and Water Chest Review

When it comes time to buy a safe it can be hard to know what to look for you want a box. It will keep its contents safe from water, fire and other natural disasters at the same time you want a box that isn’t too large or cumbersome to locate and transport after any sort of disaster situation. So that the rescue workers or anyone else can get it back into your hands without any problems. It should have a lock that can’t be forced or pried open and it should be well sealed so that your sensitive materials aren’t affected by any sort of dampness or mildew even after a flooding situation.

While there are lots of safes on the market that might be able to meet one or two of these demands there are very few that can meet them all, at least not at a price point that most consumers can afford. That’s what makes the First Alert 2013F Fire and Water Chest such a marvel. It’s the perfect chest for storing USBs, hard drives, or other electronic backup materials containing sensitive personal data that you most definitely do not want to lose.

First Alert 2013F Fire and Water Chest

Features of the First Alert 2013F Fire and Water Chest,that you should know :

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0.17 Cubic Feet Interior

This size safe is perfect for storing any kind of important electronic media that you want to keep confidential or out of harm’s way. The interior compartment easily fits multiple CDs, DVDs, USBs, and even external hard drives. All of these things and more can fit without having to stuff them inside causing potential damage to your most sensitive of goods. Instead, rest easy that it can all fit and be kept safe under even the most extreme of circumstances.


Certified to withstand temperatures of up to 1550F mean that any contents placed inside of this safe will be kept from harm’s way even if everything else around it is going up in flames. The fireproof nature of the safe also means that it can be in the middle of an inferno for a full half an hour without a single singe or burn to any of the insides. The composite fireproof material that the safe is made out of not only protects your valued goods but also the lock and seal mechanisms meaning that it’s still easy to open even after it’s been recovered from any sort of fire.


This safe is 100% waterproof meaning that it will keep your documents and other valuable items nice and dry in the case of any sort of flooding or any other water damage. The waterproof seals guarantee that not even a single drop will get through to the inside even if the safe is completely immersed underwater or sprayed from above with some sort of sprinkler system. The safe itself also floats in the case of flooding making it easy to find without the use of any sort of additional diving equipment.

Clamping Style Lock

The clamping style lock system that closes the safe ensures that it won’t accidentally open even in the roughest of situations such as earthquakes or natural disasters. It’s built tough to take a beating and keep on going with putting into jeopardy any of the things that you might keep inside. The clamps type lock also adds additional security in the case of any sort of attempted burglary, this is not a safe that can simply be picked or paid open, rather the clamp makes sure that the only person who’s going to be opening this safe is the one with the key.

Two Sets of Keys

There’s nothing worse when your safe only has one key available and you lose it If you’ve done your homework than that means that you’ve purchased a safe that can’t easily be picked for very obvious security reasons and that means that if you do lose the lock it will most likely cost you an arm and a leg to get it open and you won’t be able to use that safe again in the future. To help avoid this problem the makers of the 2013F include not one but two sets of keys so that you can always have a backup in case that you lose the first key.

Convenient Carry Handle

With this size, safe it’s meant to be portable but weighing it at almost 14 pounds means that moving it wouldn’t be an easy task if it weren’t for the safe’s quick and easy to use pop up carry handle. Made with the same attention to detail and sturdy materials as the rest of the safe. The handle takes all of the work out of transporting the safe and makes it easy to not only move from one location to another but also to situate it in any hiding place of your choosing. When the handle’s not in use, it folds back underneath the clamp style lock as not to take up any additional space.

What We Liked

  • Perfect for storing electronic media.
  • Fireproof for up to 30 minutes even in temperatures reaching up to 1150E.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Floats in the case of flooding making it easy to find.
  • Clamp-style lock that keeps everything inside safe from meddling hands.
  • The spare key is automatically included.
  • Carrying handle for easy transport.
  • Lifetime after-fire replacement.

What We Didn’t Like

  • May was not fit some larger electronic items such as laptops.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 13.9 x 6.1 inches.
  • Item Weight: 14.5 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 15.39 pounds.
  • Item model number: 2013F.
  • Size: 0.17 Cubic Foot.
  • Color: Grey.
  • Voltage: 120 volts.
  • Item Package Quantity: 1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a tray inside of the safe and if so, is it removable?

A: No, there is no separate or removable tray inside the safe meaning that you can take full advantage of the 0.17 cubic foot interior

Q: Does it come with mounting brackets?

A: No, this safe is made to be used on the floor, on the shelf, or with the aid of some other exterior support.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the perfect safe to keep electronic devices safe then the First Alert 2013F Fire and Water Chest is a perfect choice. Specifically designed to resist even extreme fire and water damage situations and still be easy to locate, remove, and open in the case of catastrophe striking. The safe is a wonderful choice for keeping all digital media backup devices such as USBs and external hard drives safe and secure which means that you can rest easy knowing that all of your files are under rock-solid protection.

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