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GunVault Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Safe MV500-STD Review

If you own a firearm, the need to keep it safely almost goes without saying. If you have been following the news lately, you’re aware of the rise in the number of criminal incidences caused by guns being in the wrong hands. But it doesn’t have to be that way, not if everyone firearm owner embraced the use of a gun safe.

Setting the trend in the storage of small firearms is the GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe, a premium unit that has been crafted to ensure your weapon never gets into the wrong hands. Made by GunVault, a company that has cemented its position as a leader in making of gun safes, the MicroVault is engineered to offer Lockdown protection that accompanies you wherever you go. It is compact, lightweight, and highly portable, which in essence means that you can carry it around in a daypack or briefcase with relative ease.

To help you buy from a point of information here is a comprehensive GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe review outlining exactly what you should expect with this unit.

GunVault Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Safe MV500-STD

The Features of GunVault Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Safe MV500-STD, that you should know :

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High Strength Lock Mechanism

One of the most distinctive abilities that any handgun safe should have is to secure your gun and valuables at all costs. The GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe boasts the patented High Strength Lock Mechanism that makes it practically impossible to open the unit using hand tools. It may catch your attention to know that not even fire can destroy the safe, so once you’ve secured your gun into place. There is no way anybody can get it out, thanks to the ultra-reliable high strength system. It is quite comforting to know that this unit is engineered in a way that does not compromise your gun’s safety.

No-Eyes Keypad

Talk of taking the storage of your small firearm to the next level and the MicroVault fits the bill in every way. It features the ground-breaking No-Eyes Keypad that has over 12 million selectable access codes. You can program and change the secret access codes anytime you want and with so many possible code combinations, the safe will always remain out of bounds. And you don’t even have to worry about anyone guessing the code. There is a tamper-proof indicator that notes invalid code attempts and an integrated computer that blocks access after a couple of repetitive invalid code entries.

20-Gauge Steel Housing

The GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe is made using heavy-duty steel, effectively giving it the best security when pitted against other handgun safes in its class. The gauge steel housing is tamper-proof as well, complete with a spring door that opens quickly when the access codes are activated. Apart from giving it unmatched security, steel housing also increases the safe’s durability. The construction ensures that this unit’s longevity outlasts your gun storage needs.

Backup Override Keys

It is not always that you will have the time to key in the access codes to get your gun. The GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe comes with two Backup Override Keys to guarantee that you can still access your weapon anywhere. Particularly during an emergency, when you have forgotten the codes, or in a crowded place where you don’t want anyone cramming the codes. Besides, the Backup Override Keys ensure that you can still open the safe even when the battery has failed, and you don’t have access to power. That way, you’re assured that you will at all times have access to your firearm no matter the situation.

Security Cable

Due to one reason or the other, you may not be in a position to carry the MicroVault whenever you go. At times, you may want to leave it in your car or in a fixed position. However, leaving the safe unattended can only mean one thing; there is a likelihood of it getting stolen, which translates to losing your gun or other valuable possessions that might be in the safe. To ensure this doesn’t happen, this unit’s package includes a security cable that allows you to fix the safe momentarily to your car seat, desk, or any other object that can’t be moved quickly. Hence, the safe, and by extension, your gun cannot be stolen as you move from one place to the other.

Interior Padding

The inside of the MicroVault is padded with protective foam that prevents the rugged steel housing from damaging your gun while on transit. The foaming also prevents the firearm from moving once you’ve tucked it into place. Also, the safe is mounted with a long-lasting 9V rechargeable alkaline battery that ensures extended operation.

Note that the safe, in its default settings will beep during operation, especially when keying in the access codes. The beeping can be stopped by pressing the mute button located on the safe for a silent operation.

What We Liked

  • Compact, hence ease of storage.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Patented No-Keys Keypad for quick access even in the dark.
  • Built-in computer to block access after 24 invalid keypad entries.
  • Lean, conveniently placed buttons.
  • More than 12 million access codes combination.
  • Tight-fitting lid, hence difficult to pry open with hand tools.
  • Audible low battery warnings.
  • Protective foam liner.
  • Can be mounted in a fixed position.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Loud beep when the safe is opened.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can this safe be programmed with different sets of fingerprints?

Answer: The tamper-proof feature of the MicroVault is not a fingerprint reader. but rather a system that allows you to use a combination of codes. The keys are buttons and not fingerprint scanners. The safe, however, has a handprint that enables you to put your hand in its casing so you can key in the codes without necessarily fuming on the lights. In that regard, you can use different hands, as long as each user knows the code combination.

Question: What can I do to prevent anyone from accidentally entering the right code combination and gain access to the safe?

Answer: Use a combination that is hard to guess. Keep changing the sequence frequently as well. With more than 12 million possible combinations, it is hard to run out of unique codes.

Final Verdict

Based on its customer reviews it’s every feature works to ensure that your firearm is stored safely and most importantly speedy access when you need to use it. The safe is a good solution for those who want to carry their pistol or valuables in their cars. Thanks to the security cable that is supplied at the time of purchase. In short, the MicroVault Handgun Safe is the unit to go for if you want to keep your gun incredibly secure without necessarily leaving a dent in your wallet.

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