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Ivation Electronic Gun Drawer Safe Review

The statistics for licensed firearms in the US alone is mindboggling. As more and more people acquire firearms for their protection, the need for securing the guns becomes more real. Imagine a fully loaded gun in the hands of your youngster! Or, a burglar who was able to locate your firearm and is now pointing your gun at you!

The Ivation Electronic Gun Safe comes at a critical age of firearm safety technology. It is safe that is secure, reliable, and easy to operate. It comes with failsafe lock features and its durable, all-steel box design makes it hard to break. You’ll love it more for its high-quality features at a bargain. All this without compromise on safety features.

Ivation Electronic Gun Drawer Safe

The Features of the Ivation Electronic Gun Drawer Safe, that you should know :

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Unlocks with 4-button code

The safe is easy to use. Whenever you need to access your firearm or documents, you simply need to unlock it with a 4-button code. You also get a set of keys for emergency access if you cannot recall your code in a high-pressure situation. The code is easy to input as well as to the program. Quickly program your access code in a matter of seconds and your valuables are secure.

There is an alarm that alerts you to an intruder interfering with your gun safe. Whenever the intruder, your teenager, or a total stranger tries to input subsequent wrong passcodes, the safety alarm goes off. It is loud enough for you to get the alert from a considerable distance. More often, the sheer loudness of the alarm alone would startle the intruder.

What happens is that the internal electronics sense that numerous failed attempts to open the safe have occurred. This trips the alarm to alert you of this intrusion. The alarm shut sounds for 1 minute before locking the safe totally and completely. This means that only the emergency key can be used to access the inside of the safe. The digital code then has to be reset.

Next general mounting options

I love that the safe is designed to be mounted onto a surface. It can be mounted onto a desk, on the floor, or the wall. It is a solid safe that stays secure wherever it is mounted. The case comes pre-drilled with holes for mounting onto a surface. You don’t have to drill any other holes into the base of the case to install.

What makes this safe mount neatly and securely is its smart mount design that features notches for the safe screws to just slide into. The bottom comes with rubber feet so that the safe sits neatly on a smooth surface.

The inside of the safe features safe foam pads so that your valuables, guns or jewelry, sit on a cushioned surface.While this safe is not fireproof, it certainly is secure and more reliable for keeping your firearms out of the reach of children and strangers.

Internal electronics

The internal electronic component of the Ivation gun safe is powered by 4 AA batteries. This provides enough power to last for a long time. This power is what runs the code setting and lights the three LEDs for various communications. The safe has a low battery indicator so you never run out of power without your knowledge. You can always replace the batteries in time for your safe to keep working optimally.

The internal electronics comes with four buttons for setting the code for accessing the safe. The LEDs let you know if your settings are working. What’s interesting about these four code setting buttons is that you can choose one combination of 256 possible code combinations.

The safe door pops open

For quick and easy access to your firearm, especially in intense situations, the door of the safe pops open whenever the right code is input, or the right key is used. There are grooves on the buttons so that you can easily trace the buttons in low light conditions. You can easily enter the access code in the dark. In an emergency, your finger can quickly trace the position on the grooves and identify each button for easy inputting of the access code. Once unlocked, the spring-loaded safe door pops open and grants access to the safe’s content. The best thing is that the safe only opens when the right passcode or access key is used. This way it does not afford unauthorized people access to the safe. And, the door’s spring pops the door open in an instant, without losing critical, often precious, seconds.

Solid construction

The Ivation gun safe is a 16-gauge steel construction safe. This construction is high-strength and high resistance that makes it virtually impossible for prying hands to open using basic tools. It’s resilient, and reliable locking mechanism and precision fittings make this safe the perfect vault for keeping weapons and other valuables out of the reach of prying hands.

There is a soft protective foam in the inside liner that ensures your valuables sit on a soft surface to prevent searching. The safe also comes with great mounting options for added security. This has to be the ultimate safe for storing your firearms and valuables like jewelry and sensitive documents.

What We Liked

  • Simple, easy to use.
  • Easy four-digit code lock.
  • Set of keys for emergency access.
  • Safe also has an alarm when tampered.
  • Smart mounting options.
  • Four AA batteries power the computer.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • The reliable high-strength locking mechanism.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Code may have interfered with the programmable electronics.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 9 x 7 inches.
  • Color: Black.
  • Item Weight: 10.35 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 10.35 pounds.
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this safe fireproof?

A: Unfortunately, not. You’d have to get a high end/military-grade firearm safe; those that are fire proof and offer a higher level of security.

Q: Is mounting it on the floor difficult?

A: No, it’s easy. You just need simple tools for driving screws and bolting is over in a matter of minutes.

Final Verdict

The Ivation electronic gun safes are on the cutting edge of firearm safety. With the heavy gauge steel construction that buyers expect from a gun safe, you are guaranteed safety for your firearms and other valuables. Even though code security systems and key mechanisms are a notch lower to biometric locks, not all fingerprint-based models are created equally secure. The Ivation safe is failsafe, reliable, and durable. It comes with good quality locking mechanisms that keep your valuables out of reach of strangers and the firearm away from the kids. You’ll appreciate the low-price tag that comes with this safe. Perhaps, you’ll find it to be rather affordable for a product of such importance. Yet, the manufacturers did not compromise on quality, durability, or safety.

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