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Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe 1.8 CF Large Electronic Digital Safe Gun Review

The Paragon security safe model 7775 Lock Digital Safe is the biggest large safe for home or office. This safe has many features as it is constructed to soothe the user that the content is safe. The electronic system of entry excludes the need to have many copies of keys or to memorize the numbers; it makes it easy to install and program making it possible to adapt the passcode after completing your setup. It also has a directly programmed configuration of the electronic lock to enable finish with the timer and LED lights.

The lock system can use any number between 3 and eight in any of your choices. The door always opens with a secret code or with two included keys. The electronic entry system uses AA batteries. When shopping for an ideal safe gun in the market, it seems a hard task to find one which suits your needs. Here at Paragon, we appreciate our customers thus give them detailed information about our products.

Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe 1.8 CF Large Electronic Digital Safe Gun

Features of the Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe 1.8 CF Large Electronic Digital Safe Gun, that you should know :

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For security purposes, the hinges are well covered and tamperproof excellent for home and office use. There is a need to have many copies of keys. It is very easy to operate and program. It is well equipped with a digital pin pad, two primary keys, and added steel live action bolts for mounting. The exterior surface exoskeleton is protected with thick 11 gauge solid steel. However, it is neither fireproof nor waterproof, so it gives security over the burglary.

Paragon Lock and Safe large Electronic Digital Safe Gun Jewelry Home Secure have an outer shell which is seamlessly constructed together with the hidden hinges to enable keep away no authorized persons from getting access to the safe.

Backup entry

The systems of having AA backup batteries are mostly used by many of the modern safes today. It is the most reliable system on the market as it makes it possible to access the safe when you forget the codes. However, the combination is easy to operate, and program as this enables you to have a passcode of your choice then memorize it after finishing the setup. In case the batteries run out the LED light lets you know that they are getting low; it may not be easy to access the safe, but the two primary keys can be of help here just make sure they are kept in a secure location.

Storage capacity

The Paragon Digital Safe Gun Jewelry Home Secure is roomy with tamper-proof hinges and 11-gauge solid steel materials. It can store and keep all your valuables in place whether at home or in the office. With this digital safe you will not go wrong and compromise your safety. Bolting the safe on the floor is much more reliable for your valuable items.

Pre-drilled holes

This helps in the quick fixing of the bolts which comes includes with the safe. The exterior and interior of the safe are coated with black powder. The holes are at a calculated place in that you can mount it to a shelf. The door must remain open to enable the bolts removed, so this gives extra security for the safe.


Paragon 7775 deluxe safe has many excellent features constructed that assure the safety of the user. It has solid steel designed to repel hand and mechanical tool attacks. It has predrilled holes inside the safe to enable easy mounting at the floor and stable attaching. The bolts come inclusive of the safe. The inside and outside of the safe are coated with powder black in color, the steel used to build the safe is usually thick which gives maximum security. It has 11 gauge solid steel to enable battle intruders.

What We Liked

  • It has Tamper proof hinges.
  • It is built with solid steel to repel hand and mechanical tool outbreaks.
  • Uses AA batteries.
  • Opened with secret codes but comes with overriding two keys.
  • Comes with mounting bolts.
  • It is easy to set up and program.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Backup key entry system.
  • Foam padded bottom and shelf.
  • Covered hinges for greater security.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The shelves are somehow loose.
  • It is usually heavy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Where can I get replacement keys?

Answer: You will need to contact the manufacturer.

Question: Is it fireproof?

Answer: Yes, it is fireproof! I bought this a few years ago and we still use it today!

Final verdict

If you are looking for a reliable and well-constructed secure safe that is economical, then consider the Paragon Electronic Digital Safe. It is good at keeping prying eyes and fingers off the safe. This darkness prevents easy identification and just in case somebody can’t be able to walk with it. It is neither waterproof nor fireproof and cannot keep away burglars but comes with covered hinges you are assured of high security with the safe.

I believe that this Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe 1.8 CF Large Electronic Digital Safe Gun Jewelry Home Secure Review has nourished you with original information to help you in purchasing one of these products. Further, the information contained in this Paragon Electronic Digital Safe Gun Jewelry Home Secure Review on the main areas of concern by many of our clients. However, in the case of any question or more information that is not available in this Paragon Electronic Digital Safe Gun Jewelry Home Secure Review, don’t hesitate to call us or email us.

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