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Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock Review

Guns are one of the best security measures one can put in place. Once we acquire them, another challenge of how to keep them secure arises. We need a place to keep them safe from children and other people. A place we can easily access, but no one else can access them without our permission. A safe offers the best security option. Otherwise, we might end up with a tragedy. This can happen if say a child gets hold of a gun and accidentally shoots a friend or sibling. We also need to be sure it will be there when we need it with a secure safe, everything will go according to our plans. This review takes a look at the features of the STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe.

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

Features of the Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock,that you should know :

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Steel Compartment and Locks

The STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe is made of a solid steel wall. The door is also made of steel plates. This gives your guns maximum security in case someone decides to pry the safe open. The act of prying to open safes is among the most common brute force actions used by unauthorized people. While they might not be looking for guns, getting one in the process of looking for valuables isn’t safe. The steel walls also protect it from being opened by means of hitting it with a hammer.

The STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe also includes concealed hinges and Steel Live-Action Locking Bolts for greater security. Some hackers have demonstrated that hinges are one of the most venerable points of a safe. By concealing hinges, they become inaccessible and cannot be cut. The steel live action bolts offer multiple locking points as opposed to just one locking point for additional security.

Electronic Lock

The electronic lock offers better and convenient locking capabilities than traditional keys locks. It can be reprogrammed anytime by the primary user. The primary user can also use a “master key” to override other secondary users. This option allows for one to limit access to those who have been granted access at will This makes it ideal for use in offices or homes where multiple users can be given access on a-need-to-access basis. The electronic lock also times out after three incorrect combinations attempts.

This is important to keep out anyone from guessing their way in to the safe. Additionally there is an option to enable key tones when the keys are pressed. This enables authorized users be sure of every key-press they make. This option prevents false lock-outs. The first lockout is 20 seconds while the second lockout after three more failed attempts, is five minutes.

Perfect Size

The STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe measures only 11-13/16″ wide, 8-5/8″ deep, and 4-3/8″ high. This small size makes it a perfect safe for small arms and ammunition. It can fit perfectly in a drawer or night stand drawer. This makes it very convenient for use at home or in the office. The small size also means you can keep it close enough to your bed or office for easy and quick access.

Some of us like to store valuables in the same safe as our small guns. This makes it easier to keep all our valuables safe and close by Most important is that when you need to, you can move it It is only proper that a small gun safe should be convenient to keep and use

Wall Mounting Holes

This safe is equipped with drilled holes for mounting. It also includes fastening hardware. There are times that you may need to have it permanently mounted. This option is favored if the safe is for office use for its added security. You will not have to undergo extra technical work on how to mount it All you have to do is prepare the mounting surface with bolts that match the holes.

Once you mount it on a strong surface, you can be assured its steel compartment will not give in to any kind of prying. The best place to mount it is a concrete wall, floor or metal shelf. It has been tested and found to be one of the best small safes in the market.

New from Factory

This safe has multiple advantages when compared to old safes or second-hand safes. With an old safe, most of the technology used to secure it has become obsolete. Any criminal might be able to easily break its lock system. The STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe uses all the latest features discussed above to slow and prevent unauthorized access. The design of its door allows you to recognize any attempt of unauthorized access. This then gives you an opportunity to restrict access to where the safe is stored. Its black design also blends well with all modern types of equipment like desktops and networking equipment cabinets found in IT offices.

Spacious Interior

The STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe is known for its spacious interior. One can easily store more than one gun. This is very economical for the whole family when there are maybe two or three guns in the house. The extra space is also convenient for adding an accessory such as a de-humidifier. A dehumidifier will keep the inside of the safe dry. It is not every day that we use guns at home. It is therefore important when stored for a long time, we keep them dry. Otherwise, mold or rust due to the moist air locked inside can damage our guns. Other stuff like jewels and expensive watches will also be well protected in a completely dry safe.

What We Liked

  • Fireproof.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Black in color.
  • Battery warning alarm.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly heavy (5Kg).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What happens when the batteries run out?

Answer: You have to use the key or replace them.

Question: Will I know when they are about to run out?

Answer: Yes, a yellow light will start blinking when they are about to run out.

Final Verdict

This STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe review has gone over some of the main key benefits of this small safe. There are other numerous benefits that you will discover once you have it A small tip is, once you buy it; simply replace the Made-China Duracell batteries with Made- US Duracell batteries. This initial battery change will give you a longer service. It is also important to keep the key safe, just in case for some other reason you have to use it.

Overall, this safe will serve you for years without the need to change the batteries again. Our test-safe has been in use for two years. We haven’t seen the warning light yet. So you can be assured you will aet a secure Drerniurn service from the STACK ON PDS 1500 Gun Safe. Please take this opportunity and make your order now.

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