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Stack-On PS-15-10-B Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf Review

In the past, private home safes were always deemed niche product. Few people even considered buying one These heavy, sturdy and quite unimpressive looking objects were seldom found even in the more affluent homes. People saw personal safes as an affordable and reliable alternative to banks and other financial institutions. which often proved faulty and completely unpredictable.

Modern safe boxes have multiple shutting mechanisms, special codes and are made of high-quality alloys and composite materials. Stack-On Products Company is one of the best manufacturers of storage solutions for your office or home.

Stack-On PS-15-10-B Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf

Features and Functionality of the Stack-On PS-15-10-B Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf that you should know :

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Top quality design and materials

The Stack-On Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf has a width of 13-7/8 inches (35 cm), a depth of 9-7/8 inches (25 cm), and a height of 9-7/8 inches (25 cm). Which making it great for small and medium homes. As well as offices. Its compact size makes it ideal to store small valuables, guns, jewelry, and documents. The safes total weight is 22 lbs (approx. 10 kg) and features a removable interior shelf which separates the storage area into two units.

The safe has a 2-live action bolt locking mechanism and is finished in matte black. Stack-On used some of its best materials for this safe: modern steel-aluminum alloys, zinc, and various composite materials.

Multiple fingerprint detection security system

Stack-On’s modern fingerprint detection system is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry.The company is now installing it on most of its safe boxes and units. The state-of-the-art system works flawlessly and is capable of accepting up to 32 different fingerprints. This guarantees you easy access, increased security, and maneuverability. The fingerprint detection works perfectly and you won’t run into any difficulties if you follow the guideline correctly.

Additional access mechanisms

Apart from the fingerprint detection system (biometric key), this safe features two additional access systems. A numeric keycode and a physical key. The numeric keyboard is intelligently designed, as it features only four digits to choose from (1, 2, 3, and 4), making it impossible to pick out familiar numbers. There is also an automatic locking system if someone fails to enter the code. That making the safe completely secure in case of theft. The physical keys are made of a high-quality zinc alloy and work perfectly.

Padded interior and removable shelf

A foam-padded interior is something you won’t commonly find in a private safe. The designers at Stack-On have thought about this as well The high-quality PVC foam makes this safe great. If you want to store fragile objects, such as antique guns, jewelry or any type of documents. The removable shelf is another great idea from Stack-On’s designers. It separates the interior, creating a double storage area, ideal for two small guns .

What We Liked

  • Three means of entry into the safe — fingerprint.
  • keypad and physical keys high-quality materials excellent door and lock mechanism fabulous user manual and instructions compact size.
  • Ideal for most rooms and cabinets.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The control center is made of rather cheap-looking plastic.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the keypad light up?

A: Yes, the keypad has a back light, making it easier to insert your code.

Q: How fast is the fingerprint reading system?

A: If you keep your finger on the sensor, and the scanner accepts it, the safe will unlock instantly.

Final Verdict

Stack-On is one of the leading manufacturers of storage solutions in the United States. This product is one of their best. For this price range, it’s everything you could ever want from a personal safe for your guns and small valuables. It’s easy to install or mount has three separate access mechanisms, looks great, and is extremely reliable. The interior shelf makes it easy to organize and provides an extra storage area for small documents or papers.

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