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The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe Review

Biometric gun safes are designed to protect any valuables or important documents. The uniqueness of the fingerprints among the individuals is utilized in these biometric safes. The recent advancements in the biometrics have led to the design of extremely reliable safes. GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe is one among them. This brand has performed well since they were launched in the market. Most of the customers have given rave reviews for GunBox for their efficient performance in safeguarding the valuables of the users. They are used at various places like offices, homes, vaults, banks, etc to safeguard the important papers, documents, and valuables. Let us have some discussion on the important features of this biometric safe in detail.

The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe

Features of The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe, that you should know :

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Easy Setup of Fingerprint Scanner

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe is known for easier processing of our fingerprints. The hassles of entering codes and numbers to create a password are eliminated. There is no more remembrance of the passwords required with this biometric safe. The fingerprint scanner canstore up to 30 fingerprints. Unlike other gun safes, this safe open only if the intended person actually opens it. There is no fear of others who can illegally intrude and open the safes. This is almost impossible with this biometric gun safe.

Reliable Construction

The Biometric Hand Gun Safe from GunBox measures to 16.5 to 7.75 to 14.5 inches and weighs about 21 pounds. The safe is constructed to be very compact and used across various places. The space occupied by this safe is very minimum although it can hold up to two full-size guns and a small handgun along with other valuables. The safe can be used to secure important items like passports, cameras, cell phones, jewelry, money, etc.

Robust Lock System

The lock system of the GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe utilizes the twin-bolt mechanism. This ensures the extreme safety that the safe can provide. The possible intruder will have to strive hard to break the safe with this lock mechanism. In any case, it is almost impossible to break open the safe.

Floor Mats and Mounting Hardware

The floor mats within the safe will protect the valuables from being scratched over the surface of the Biometric Hand Gun Safe. The floor matting will help the objects within the safe to be free of any damages. It provides the necessary cushion for the items kept inside the safe. The mounting hardware that comes with the product makes the installation of the safe easy. The mounting is designed to be robust to carry the weight of the safe along with the items. It is reliable though a bit tough to be moved.

Easy Maintenance

The performance of the Biometric Hand Gun Safe can be improved by the proper maintenance of the safe. The fingerprint scanner needs to clean regularly. The good news is that the maintenance is very easy with GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe. The safe just needs to be cleaned at its fingerprint scanner. This ensures the proper operation of the safe for a prolonged period of time.

Regular Monitoring of the Fingerprints

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe requires the regular testing of the stored fingerprints. It can be done every six months to make sure that the safe works fine. The manufacturers recommend the regular testing to ensure the proper functioning of the Biometric Hand Gun Safe. The idleness can make the safe to work inappropriately.

Battery Indicator

The biometric safe from GunBox does not explicitly have a battery indicator to show the battery levels. The safe uses an AA battery for its power requirements. The product comes with four AA batteries that are included in the package. The Biometric Hand Gun Safe can work for up to two years with the batteries. One may have to replace the batteries after two years of purchase. There is a way to know that the batteries are going down. When there is a red flashlight indication and three repetitive beep sounds while closing the safe’s door, it is the indicator of low battery. One should be ready to replace the batted es as early as possible.


The warranty for the GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe is limited to one year. There are various terms and conditions under which the product will be covered by a warranty. The users can extend the warranty period by paying more than the actual price of the product.


  • There is no need for dehumidifiers.
  • The biometric safe is certified for firearm storage.
  • The locking bolts contain two solid sheets of steel that are reliably strong.
  • The floor matting provided in the safe protects the valuables from scratches.
  • The size is compact to be fitted anywhere the user likes.


  • There is no indication of the battery levels in the safe.
  • The instruction manual is sometimes confusing for the users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe have a silent mode operation to turn off the beeping?

A: Yes, the red button (available on the side of the opened lid) when pressed and held for ten seconds will cause the lights on the top of the lid to flash green.

Q: How many fingerprints are needed to open the gun safe?

A: The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe is capable of storing about 30 fingerprints. It can be opened with just one fingerprint.

Q: Does the safe lock automatically after being closed?

A: The biometric safe gets locked only when the button is pressed. So, it does not automatically lock by the mere closing of the lid.

Final Verdict

Biometric Hand Gun Safe has become an integral part of our lives. Based on the discussions, we can conclude that Gun Box has the full capability to protect ourselves from any possible intruders. They can efficiently save our important items in them and also provide us a sense of secure feeling. The steps involved to create the fingerprint password is very easy with this product and there is no need for any technical knowledge to do this.

Hence, the Gun Box Biometric Hand Gun Safe is suitable for all people. The proper maintenance of the biometric safe can effectively improve the life of the product. One should not miss out to check out this product if he/she is looking for an effective, reliable, and compact biometric gun safe.

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